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Jennifer and Julian, a romantic elopment in Tuscany!

When I spoke the first time with Julian it was probably 3 weeks before his destination wedding in Tuscany with Jennifer, only 3 weeks before! That was a super last minute elopment, but I accepted the challenge and the result is in these amazing photos from Stefano Nannucci. The civil wedding took place in the garden of the Villa near Florence , in fact, there, it is possible to celebrate a legally binding wedding ceremony   with a breathtaking panoramamof the Tuscan hills!  Jennifer was one of the most beautiful brides we have seen, young and beautiful and as these photos show, absolutely in love with his husband, Julian I wish to Jennifer and Julian all the love of the worl, it is amazing to see how these two young guys look to each other, they really deserve all the love and happiness possible! Buona vita insieme!       Happy planning! Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany