Visualizzazione dei post da Luglio, 2012

A romantic wedding in Tuscany: a couple of professional dancers and our Wine Farm close Firenze

I'm back with a fantastic series of photos of a romantic wedding celebrated in the private garden of an ancient Villa, the private residence of the owners of our Wine Farm  close Florence. First of all I have to let you know that this is a really special couple, they are both professional dancers from the USA and the really have a fantastic talent!! But second, the groom is one of the most romantic man I've ever met. He came to the bride's apartment asking to her father if he could marry her, and when the father said "yes" and she came out, he started to sing a romantic song, played by fantastic professional musicians: an accordion player and a guitar player. After the serenade, it was the time of the walking to the garden for the ceremony performed by a friend of the couple. And after that, the aperitif with also the musicians, they played typical Tuscan and Italian songs, perfect for the couple who didn't lose time and started to dance!  The las