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Plan your Destination wedding in Florence!

Are you thinking of getting married abroad? have you considered Italy? 
Maybe Tuscany, with its colors, scents and fantastic landscapes? 
Well, then you might as well dream big and think about getting married in one of the most beautiful halls in the world! The famous RED ROOM, The City Hall of Florence!

Please visit our website to know the locations close Florence!

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany

Our new website is online!

Yes! Our new website is online!!
We have developed a design that will allow you to easily find the kind of ceremony that can be held in Tuscany, see the different locations we offer, and consulting our services.
We really hope you enjoy it!

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany

A new Location for your Wedding in Tuscany: a Rustic Villa close Florence

I'm very happy to present and talk for a while about this new location for a perfect Destination Wedding in Tuscany: The Rustic Villa close Firenze.
It is just 25 minutes far from Florence in the Tuscan Hills covered with olive groves and vineyards. 
This Rustic Villa offers couples the opportunity to celebrate a Protestant or Symbolic Ceremony in the small Chapel that is located in the garden in front of the villa or even outside. This location also offers restaurant service with typical Florentine Dishes, so you won't miss a succulent Florentine steak! Finally, the Villa is an optimal location for medium - large groups, it offers the opportunity to stay up to 80 people in comfortable apartments of different sizes.  In just one location you will find the perfect place to celebrate your ceremony, enjoy a typical reception and have a nice relaxing stay in the Florentine countryside with your loved ones and close friends.

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany

What about this Wine Farm for your Destination Wedding in Tuscany?

Just few days ago I was in our "Wine Farm", this fantastic location where we are planning different weddings this year.
The calm atmosphere, setting and nature that surround this Wine Farm are the perfect ingredients for organising a special event such as your destination wedding in Tuscany!!

I took some photos...

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany

Photos from the Borgo,

Some days ago I went to the Borgo close Firenze, taking some photos for some couples.
The day was hot, almost 25°, and the weather so nice!

Here some photos:

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany

Planning a Wedding in a Fantastic Villa in the Senese Hills

This is one of our favorite location, it is a fantastic Villa just few kilometers from Siena.

This location offers to the newlyweds:
- accommodation in beautiful apartments
- celebration of a symbolic or protestant ceremony; it may be held in the chapel with gorgeous white interior, or in the Italian garden or beneath the old oak.

- reception with a rich selection of appetizers in the Italian garden and a lunch or dinner with typical dishes of Tuscan tradition in the fantastic restructured Halls.

All in one place!!  So perfect .... also for those who prefer the week-end compared to the weekly stays.

Happy planning!
Lovely Tuscany - Wedding planner in Tuscany