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Destination Wedding: What Goes in the Welcome Bag

Since you won't be able to greet all your guests personally upon arrival, a welcome bag (or basket) is a great way to touch base with them right away. Here are a few suggestions on what to include.

A Welcome LetterTell your guests how happy you are that they've made the trip with a short and sweet note. 

A Detailed ScheduleList all of the weekend's events, including any optional ones. Include the time, location, dress code, and any other important details for each. Be sure to mention any extra costs for activities such as tours, lessons, sports activities, and so on.

Key Contact InfoTell your guests how to reach the people you've designated as go-to contacts (family members, wedding attendants, and your wedding planner). Include both their cell phone numbers (be sure to get ones that work locally, even if you have to rent) and the landline number for their hotel rooms. Don't include your contact info -- most people won't feel comfortable bothering you, and you'…

Wedding shots from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

Some days ago I was in Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze (here the link of wikipedia with all the info about this fantastic terrace with view of Florence and I took pictures of a couple.... is always amazing to see couples getting married in Firenze! :)

Ahhhh Florence is so romantic! :)

Lavender moodboard

I'm in love with lavender, it's so nice and is a great colour for outdoor wedding... let's see some moodboards!

Happy planning with Lavender inspirations!

Just married... how to photo it with cars!

Yesterday I showed different and new ways to say Just Married... but what about the traditional car??

Just Married ... how to photo it!

Here some cool shots of couples JUST MARRIED! What's your favourite way to say it?

Hochzeit in der Toskana

Perfekte Details fuer Ihre Traumhochzeit in der Toskana!! :) Fuer weitere Anregungen besuchen Sie unsere Webseite

Green fields moodboard

Fields in Tuscany are just gorgeous, so I thought to give you examples of moodboard with nice colors as light green, white and the color of hay.

Wedding color combinations – Basics of color combinations and how to find the best mix for your wedding
Colors are the first element you need to decide on when planning your wedding. Colors contribute greatly to the whole theme and atmosphere of any event. Thus choosing the right wedding color scheme is very important. Many brides tend to hesitate to combine colors themselves and stay in the safe side: going for all whites and pales or combining their favorite colors with whites. However combining colors for your wedding should not be seen as a challenge, you should be able to have fun with it and be confident with your choice. You don’t have to learn all of the color schemes basics like a designer but a little knowledge does go a long way in this game. The color wheel below will help you with your wedding color ideas. It is pretty simplified easy to start with and gives you a feel of how to combine colors.

"Wedding Beverage Station" idea

I was looking for a nice "Wedding Beverage Station" idea and I found these nice pictures.
Think they perfectly fit in our location for wedding in Tuscany!

hanging Lanterns

Tutorial on how to make these hanging lanterns and planters.
Begin by gathering your supplies.
You will need:
A wire cutter (Make sure it has a blade for steel if you use steel wire)A roll of wire (I used 26g jewelry wire for some, 10g wire for others, and green floral wire to give different look to a few of my lanterns)A cleaned out glass jar with a lip (usually any jar that originally had a lid will have a lip on top)If using thick wire, you might also need needle nose pliers.Upside-down Crate and Barrel box as a work surface. Cat helpers are not necessary but offer an added touch of fun!Unroll your wire and cut off a length. I didn’t measure my lengths but they were all about as long as my two hands could stretch apart. It is fun to use different lengths if you are making a bunch of these.

Your length of wire should look like this:

Holding both ends of the wire, loop it just under the top lip of the jar. If you are using a very thin or floral wire, you may want to loop it twice: