giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Keys for your wedding!

Abbiamo notato che il tema delle chiavi nei matrimoni è diventato nel tempo molto popolare. L'elemento "chiave" può essere facilmente incorporato in quasi ogni aspetto del vostro matrimonio! Ecco qui degli esempi!
We have noticed that key-themed weddings are becoming more and more popular, also in our wedding in Tuscany.  Key details can easily be incorporated into almost every aspect of your wedding….here some examples!

key save the date
Photo: Olivia Leigh photographie
Photo: La-Vie-Photography
vintage key escort cards
Photo: Kate Headley
key wedding theme
Photo: Raw photo Design
key wedding details
key boutonniere
Photo: carolina ghetes Photography
key weddings
Photo: Kate Murphy Potography

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

Tischdekoration zur Hochzeit

Neben dem Hochzeitsmenu rischtet sich die Aufmerksamkeit der Gaeste auch auf die Tischdekoration. Diese sollte zu Ihnen passen und vielleicht einem Thema entsprechen. Die Dekorationen sollten zu dem Stil Ihrer Hochzeit passen und auf die Gaeste eher dezent wirken. 
Hier prasentieren wir Ihnen einige Beispiele.
Wenn Sie weitere Anregungen suchen, besuchen Sie unsere Webseite:


martedì 26 luglio 2011

Un'altra idea da Rachel di Heart of Light, questa volta è una cintura, potrebbe essere perfetta per il vestito delle vostre damigelle! Ecco il tutorial!

Rachel is one of the craftiest gals in the blogosphere. If you’re in need of a little modern, down-to-earth Martha in your blog life right now you must visit Heart of Light.
How to:
Find the center point of your belt/ribbon and start there. We’d recommend cutting your belt longer than you think so you can accommodate for an off center finished product and/or for a big bow in the back.
For the complete tutorial, we’re going to point you towards Rachel’s detailed explanation of a similar headband on her blog. But the gist is this…
Make your petals. Again, how-to is on Heart of Light.
(If you’re concerned with stray threads from rough-cut fabric, Rachel discovered that IF AND ONLY IF you are using 100% natural fiber fabric, you can actually singe the edges of your petals on the stove before you start. This seals the edge and stops your fabric from shedding threads. BUT we repeat, do not attempt this if you’re using synthetic fabric. Two words: Fire. Hazard.)
Stack 2 or 3 petals on top of each other (using a variety of fabrics and colors in each flower).
Twist the back of each flower so you catch the center of all 3 petals and lay it on your ribbon. Now tack it down with a few well placed stiches and repeat.
If you’re using a wider piece of ribbon like we did, you’ll need 2 flowers, side by side, per row. Working in one direction, add as many rows as you want to make the decorative part of your belt the right length. Once you have the general shape and length that you like, you can always go back in and add more flowers where you see fit.
This project is especially excellent because it requires little expertise in terms of sewing. As long as you’re familiar with a needle, thread, and a basic stitch, you are completely qualified to pull this off.
Once you’ve filled your belt with the number of ruffles you like, that’s it! The underside won’t be pretty, but don’t worry. No one’s going to see it. For a more finished product you could always back your belt with a second piece of ribbon.
We can see this project working with just a little flower for your hip or with a full row to accent your entire waist. Totally depends on you!
Text and Photos: 100LayerCake

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Hochzeit Farben

Regenbogen ist das Thema dieser Hochzeiten. Wir fangen mit den Brautjunfern an und sehen dann die schoenen Brautstrausse, Dekorationen und das bunte Obst. Einfach fantastisch, diese Farben lassen die Stimmung hochgehen.

Fuer weitere Anregungen besuchen Sie unsere Internetseite.

Photos: Laura Murray


DIY project... Super simple printable napkin rings!

Idea semplice e carina per i posizionare gli ospiti al posto giusto! :) ...insomma, dei segnaposto.
Semplicissimi, basta Scaricare il modello qui e scrivere poi i nomi con un qualsiasi programma oppure a mano e poi stampare...tagliare e incollare. Il gioco è fatto, e come dice anche Rachel di Heart of Light, se aggiungete un rametto di un'erba aromatica darete il vostro tocco personale! :)

thanksgiving 2010 paper napkin rings

Download the template here (go to file and make sure you select download original so you get the printable version). You'll need Acrobat Reader. Type the names in the provided fields (font is embedded for you) and print out on nice paper. I used 68 lb cream cover stock. Cut out, slightly around the printed outlines.

paper napkin rings
{paper napkin rings}


Add some Zots. You could use double stick tape, but Zots are the absolute best, in my opinion.

paper napkin rings - finished
{paper napkin rings, finished}

Add a sprig of fresh herbs for extra points.
paper napkin rings
Text and Photos: Heart of Light


sabato 16 luglio 2011

DIY project...letters!!

Siamo fortunati ad avere fantastiche persone che condividono con noi la loro inventiva... guardate che idea davvero carina e veloce ha stuzzicato l'ingegno di Avie, sono delle lettere che lei ha pensato per San Valentino, ma che noi potremmo invece utilizzare in altri modi, ad esempio la sposa può creare un messaggio personale per chiedere alle damigelle, o ai testimoni di essere proprio loro le persone che vuole accanto, insomma saranno speciali! E allora facciamo noi qualcosa di speciale per loro! :)

We are lucky to have great people who share their creativity with us ...  look this cute idea from Avie, letters that the bride can create for a personal message for the bridesmaids... think that they are special! So we do something special for them! :) 

Ecco qui l'articolo (comprensibile per noi dalle foto... non ve lo traduco, dai che ci dobbiamo evolvere!)

Here the article:

This is an incredibly easy Do-It-Yourself project and cheap, I got my doily from the grocery store in a set of 10 for like $1.29. I'm going to walk you through all 3 projects, so get ready!

Supplies: (for all three projects)
2 Circular Doily (mine are 12" in diameter)
A2 cards & envelopes
knife w/ sharp blade
cutting board
Aleene's tacky glue
1 sheet printer paper

First up, we're going to make a cutout doily valentine which is the one with the pink card above.

Step 1: You need to poke out the shapes of the doily that did not get fully separated when it was machine cut. This can be easily done by holding down the shape with your knife and gently pulling the rest of the doily away. Do this on a cutting board as you may have to actually do a little cutting.

Step 2: Turn the doily over so that the underside is facing up and place your card in the middle of the doily.

Step 3: Using your ruler with the card as your guide, mark with a pencil where you want to cut. Cut along your guides, you could even use scissors if you like. Save the scraps for the next project.

Step 4: Now, fold the sides over the card so that you can see where you want to cut off the design. Usually the doily design will help you make this decision. Go ahead and cut with your knife to reveal the design you want. Make sure to leave yourself enough room for a loving note.

Step 5: Starting with the back, glue the doily to the card. Now, it will be nearly impossible to glue every piece down, but you really just need to concentrate on the edges and the middle. Glue the doily and then lay the card inside of it. Flip over so that the doily is on top of the card and take your printer paper and lay it on top. Rub your fingers over the card & doily & paper to make sure that the doily is adhered to the card. This will ensure that you don't get glue all over yourself. Then glue the sides to the front of the card and rub to secure using the printer paper. Let the card dry & you're done! (you can press these between books while they dry if you like)

Next up, we're going to make this white on ivory card made with the scraps of the last valentine.
Step 1: Take the scrap from the last card make sure all the holes are poked out.
Step 2: Center your card in the doily scrap

Step 3: Fold the sides up

Step 4: Glue the doily to the card just like the last one. And there you go! I used an ivory card with the white doily on this one because I love the way the 2 colors look together and I think this ones looks like lace.

Lastly, I'm going to show you how easy it is to line an envelope with a doily.
Step 1: Poke out all the holes in a full doily and lay it over the envelope with the center of the doily positioned just under the adhesive of the tip of the envelope with the wrong side up.

Step 2: Using your ruler and a pencil, mark where you will cut. If you are using the same size materials as I did, it will be easy since you only have to make the 2 cuts. The bottom will not need trimming. Go ahead and cut along your lines.
Step 3: Slide your cutout into the envelope to make sure it fits and fold it down along the crease of the envelope. Glue your doily inside your envelope. Put glue on the lower half first and slide inside the envelope and make sure it is secure. Then glue the top part and secure it using the printer paper.

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Prosecco... personale! Part II

Ecco qui un altro tutorial preciso preciso alla mia idea.. beh, diciamo che si evolve nuovamente, perchè qui le bottiglie vengono utilizzate come favors e come escort card.... ottimo! :)

Here is another tutorial of what I had in mind, well, let's say that evolves again, because here the bottles are used as Favors and as an escort card .... excellent! :)

These are especially great for spring or summer outdoor weddings – it will help your guests cool off on their way to the dinner table!


Step 1: Print your label design (fit as many as you can on your sheet).

Step 2: Using your Craft Punch, punch your labels one by one. It helps to turn the puncher around so you see the center.
Step 3: If you’re using a Xyron Machine, run your labels through – face side up.
Step 4: Peel off your label.
Step 5: Carefully stick the label onto your bottle.
Step 6: Repeat until done – how easy is that?!
Detail (optional): I like to apply heart flags to my straws as an added detail. I purchased these heart stickers by Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael’s, but you can use any shape sticker you find. It’s a nice little touch!
Be sure to come up with a signature drink or soda you want to use on your big day. Have someone fill the bottles right before guests arrive to pick them up – you want these ice cold and refreshing! (TIP: It helps to use a funnel to fill the bottles) If you’re feeling really crafty, these labels work just as great with the fabric tutorial I showed you yesterday. The fabric labels are a bit more time consuming, so it works great for smaller, more intimate gatherings.
text and photos: 100layercake


martedì 12 luglio 2011

Views around Florence!

Just to show you what Florence offers a little bit outside the city centre ... take a look! :)

Photos: Lovely Tuscany

lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Che dire, Papermash ha creato un'altra deliziosa opera con quel che di romantico che a noi piace tanto! :) Coni "fai da te" impreziositi da un lilla bianco e un tocco di pizzo! Fantastico!

Papermash has created another delightful romantic workDIY cones embellished with lilac and a touch of white lace! Fantastic!

Doily flower wraps
Molto carino! Ricrea questi romantici oggetti, clicca sull'immagine e avrai tutte le istruzioni.

Very cute! Create this romantic items; click on the image and you'll have all the instructions 

venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Country chic Wedding... details we love!

E' vero, lo sono... sono pazza per lo stile country-chic! :)
Mi viene subito voglia di imbandire una tavola o fare delle belle foto quando penso alla tenerezza di un matrimonio... e queste foto di Aaron Delesie sono proprio un esempio di quello che mi passa davanti agli occhi sognanti... :)

It 'true, I am ... I'm crazy for country-chic style! :)
I feel anxious to "dress" a table or make nice pictures when I think of the tenderness of a marriage ... and these photos by 
Aaron Delesie are just an example of what I see in my dreamy eyes  ... :)

L'idea di usare il tema del viaggio e quindi cartoline, mappe personalizzate, scritture in vecchia calligrafia e poi i fantastici francobolli personalizzati danno un vero tocco personale al vostro matrimonio 

​​using the theme of travel and postcards, personalized maps, and then fonts in the fantastic old handwriting with also personalized stamps give a real personal touch to your wedding 

I dettagli sono il punto forte di matrimoni come questo, può sembrare tutto molto naturale, quasi lì per caso, ma non è così, ma se vi sembra, allora vuol dire che il wedding planner è stato davvero molto bravo! 

The details are the highlight of a marriages like this, everything seems very natural, almost there by chance, but it is not, but if you find it, then it means that the wedding planner was very good!

Ok, questo è un segno che l'Italia è copiata in tutto il mondo, queste foto infatti sono state scattate in California!! :) questo è un chiaro uso di olio e pane.. la nostra adorata bruschetta!

Thi is a typical Italian idea: bread and oil, our national Bruschetta!... they used in! 
Photos:Aaron Delesie
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