sabato 1 settembre 2018

What our couples say about us

Have you ever seen our page on
There are many reviews of our spouses! We are so glad they took some time to review us, I think this is an amazing tool for new couples who wish to get married in Italy, as they can read the real experience from the past couples.
Take a look and if you are interested in a wedding in Tuscany, contact us at

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Happy planning!


lunedì 30 luglio 2018

Jennifer and Julian, a romantic elopment in Tuscany!

When I spoke the first time with Julian it was probably 3 weeks before his destination wedding in Tuscany with Jennifer, only 3 weeks before!
That was a super last minute elopment, but I accepted the challenge and the result is in these amazing photos from Stefano Nannucci.

The civil wedding took place in the garden of the Villa near Florence, in fact, there, it is possible to celebrate a legally binding wedding ceremony with a breathtaking panoramamof the Tuscan hills! 

Jennifer was one of the most beautiful brides we have seen, young and beautiful and as these photos show, absolutely in love with his husband, Julian

I wish to Jennifer and Julian all the love of the worl, it is amazing to see how these two young guys look to each other, they really deserve all the love and happiness possible!
Buona vita insieme!


  Happy planning!


mercoledì 29 aprile 2015

Civil Wedding in Typical Villa close Florence? YES!

Good news for anyone who wants to get married in Tuscany in a beautiful location close Firenze, as our rustic villa, having a civil ceremony perfectly legal.
Oh yes, fortunately there are municipalities that allow civil marriage not only in the City Hall but also in other places. 

The rustic villa near Florence can be the perfet setting for an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany, the ceremony can be celebrated in its garden, with a great view on the typical Tuscan hills, a wedding unique and 100% legal.


Happy planning!


martedì 14 aprile 2015

A couple from Germany...felt in love with the Borgo close Florence

I personally had a lot of fun planning the wedding of this couple, they visited the Borgo more than one time and they really felt in love with it. 
I was very happy that the couple had the chance to meet our partners before the wedding, they spoke with them and it has been really helpful for both.
Everything has been planned in such a quiet and relaxed mood that it has been really a pleasure for me to plan every single detail.
For the wedding day, the weather was perfect, sun, warm and just perfect! Our photographer took so nice photos, and an adorable girl was in some of them too, trying to capture the magical moments with her blue camera, so nice! 

Happy planning!


lunedì 17 novembre 2014

New inspection today in one of the most romantic place close to Florence to get married: an ancient Oratory where it is possible to celebrate different ceremonies: civil or religious and even symbolic!

Happy planning!


giovedì 13 novembre 2014

Wedding bouquet, simple and fragrant

I loved the idea of one of the loviest bride, Kate, to have a sweet bouquet, not only to see but to smell, yes she wanted something simple, elegant and fragrant.
Of course our fantastic florist Marco, he got it right away and create for her a wonderful bouquet: the deep and sweet smell of peonies meets here the colorful and fresh lavender.
Happy planning!


martedì 11 novembre 2014

Wedding close Florence, in our Borgo in Tuscany

It's passed a long time since I wrote a post, and here we are again.
Today I would like to show one of our wedding in the borgo close Firenze, here the link to see photos and read a description of this fantastic place: The Borgo Close Firenze
This is a couple that wanted to get married in Tuscany and have the best party ever with the close family and many friends.
And that's what they had, a romantic ceremony in a little Church not far from the Borgo, a relaxing aperitif by the pool, an intimate reception and a really funny party with open bar, sweets and a lot of dances and lights!
They fell in love with the location and were really precise on what they liked: the fuscia as color of the wedding day ... and the theme of New York for the party and open bar.
Hope you'll like the photos here, one of our best photographer was there that day and in my opinion he did a really good job!
  Happy planning!

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