A romantic destination wedding in San Gimignano

I am so thrilled to share these images from Annie & Antal's Wedding in San Gimignano!

I met them the day before the wedding, for a meeting with the Registrar of City Hall in San Gimignano, and so we had the chance to double check together the courtyard and the Hall for the wedding... they were just super happy of their choice regarding the City in Tuscany where be married.

For their wedding the day after, they planned the getting ready in the same hotel, but of course in two separate rooms, Antal was surrounded by his best friends and a bit nervous, Annie, on the other hand, was excited but calm and surrounded by her best friends and a good glass of Prosecco.

The cermony took place in the fascinating "Sala di Dante" with beautiful original frescoes.
The most beautiful part of the ceremony was the exchange of the vows, they were sweet, funny and personal; a really exciting moment.

Then after the ceremony it was time to refresh with a good ice-cream, do you know that in the…